Along my journey I have learned so much and so much I still wish to learn. The feeling is that there is always more to learn. I have learned as much from work as I have from personal relationships. I’ve made many mistakes and, like everyone else, have run into the vagaries of fortune, but that has never stopped me. By character, I have always faced challenges and adversity as opportunities to learn and grow. Three things have always stayed with me: imagination, curiosity and passion.

I studied and worked so hard, sometimes neglecting my affections. Brick by brick I built myself, my career and my fortune. Today, at the age of 55, I continue to learn and I am a lifelong learner. Just as I encourage my children to learn about the world, so I want to tell you my story to encourage you to spread your wings and face life with the spirit of someone who is ready to learn new lessons, especially from difficulties. Without being afraid of change.

Through my own personal journey, I would like to show you how there is always a chance to change one’s fortunes, to improve or to start over. How you can turn a problem into good fortune, lead into gold. The events experienced in the last period – the pandemic and my personal legal affairs – however difficult and painful they may be, have convinced me once again that we must never give up. Neither should we lose enthusiasm and desire to do. I’m ready to look to the future.

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