What I have done

Dubai, UAE

Real estate investor and developer’s mentor. Deal selection, co-investor, project monitoring, value add projects, sales accelerator.
Mar 2019-today

LEGGIERO UK ltd Real Estate
17 Grosvenor Street, Mayfair, W1K 4QG London, United Kingdom
Jan 2005-Jun 2019

LEGGIERO Real Estate S.p.A. Società Benefit.
Piazza Duomo 17, Postcode 20121 Milan, Italy

Real Estate Investment & Business Development
2004 – 2006

TUV Thuringen Italia S.r.l.

It’s in the interest of any enterprise to hold its processes to the highest standards possible, so I set off to work in TQM, Total Quality Management. For any business, it’s important to be audited and certified by a third party. The most reputable authority in Europe is Germany’s TUV Thuringen, so I proposed a joint venture which resulted in the opening of TUV Thuringen in Italy. It was a positive experience, I learned a lot regarding many different models and types of organizations.
1998 – 2004

Florence de’Serragli 8 Postcode 50124 – Italy

ANSWERS outsourced the call center work of large banks, utility and telecom companies, grew it to 700 employees, then sold it to a competitor.
This opportunity made me an expert on how to use new and different technologies and overall it gave me the chance to work alongside thousands of people, many of whom I got to know in person. They were wonderful women and men, passionate about their sometimes difficult jobs.

The Customer is Always Right – IL CLIENTE HA SEMPRE RAGIONE

I took a trip to Lampedusa, a wonderful island in Sicily (Italy) and gathered up the strength to write my first book, IL CLIENTE HA SEMPRE RAGIONE, which translates to English as The Customer is Always Right. I was obsessed with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and the model of Customercentred enterprises, where organizations tailor their manufacturing processes according to the needs of every single Customer.

Florence, de’Serragli 8, Postcode 50124 – Italy

A new model to prepare students to pass the University exams, with help from a tutor. UniversiTUA, which was the brand, spread to 70 locations before selling it off to a company called CEPU, the biggest competitor. The venture was a huge success because it was a business based on an amount for each exam, for each student, in each school.
1994 – 1998

Publitalia ’80
Milan, Lombardy, Italy

I ventured off into selling advertising for television channels working with one of the greatest and most discussed entrepreneurs at that time, Silvio Berlusconi, the man who brought commercial television to Italy.
Working with such an innovative figure gave me the opportunity to learn directly not only from him but also from many of the advertisers. Those lessons I learned, I continue to implement into my life to this day.

Because I was working as a media planner and buyer, it gave me the opportunity to spend a lot of time working hands-on with successful entrepreneurs and CEOs.
1988 – 1993

RCS pubblicità SpA
Florence, Italy

I had the opportunity to work for the biggest Italian publisher at that time, selling advertising for the most read newspapers and magazines.
1987 – 1988

Naples, Italy

When I was a teenager in high school, together with my friends I created a radio station called Kiss Kiss that was highly popular amongst people my age.
It was so much fun playing music for the entire community, but I also learned much about entrepreneurship thanks to having to fund the company, through selling commercial spots on the radio show.
1979 – 1985

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